Spanish vocabulary - INTERNET


This month we attempt to give you almost all the words in Spanish connected with internet. The emergence of internet has been so rapid that most of the words are new and some words have not become stable yet. To the dislike of some Spaniards many terms are anglicisms and new verbs are being produced such as chatear, surfear etc: We have avoided these where a suitable Spanish word exists. It will be interesting to see what the "Real Academia Española" makes of all these new terms. Nobody seems to know how to say "banner" yet. Most of the words below are taken from my general knowledge of Spanish internet terms and also I have taken some words from the help files of Spanish browsers and email programmes.

:dos puntos
@ (at) arroba
a box (a little box on web forms) casilla
address book Libreta de direcciones
answer questions responder a preguntas
attached files archivos adjuntos
back (the name of the back button) Atrás, Regresar
bandwidth ancho de banda
banner banner
bold negrita
Bookmark Favorito, marcador
browser (the programme) navegador, explorador de Web
button botón
check the boxmarcar la casilla
choose (imperative) elija
click (imperative) haga clic (usted) haz clic (tu)
credit card tarjeta de crédito
cyberspace ciberespacio (m)
database base de datos
digital signature firma digital
dot com punto com
download bajar, descargar, hacer un download, bajar archivos, capturar, copiar
drag arrastrar
drop (as in drag and drop) pegar
drop down list, drop down menu, pop-up menu menu desplegable
email address dirección de correo electrónico
email address dirección de correo electrónico
encrypted mail correo cifrado
FAQ (frequently asked questions) preguntas más frecuentes, preguntas formuladas frecuentemente
file transfer transferencia de ficheros
folder carpeta
form formulario
Forward (the name of the forward button) adelante
frames: (as in frames pages) marcos
guestbook libro de visitas
handle (nickname) apodo
homepage página principal, página inicial
hyperlink hiperenlace
inbox bandeja de entrada
ISP proveedor de servicios Internet (also ISP)
key word palabra clave
keyboard teclado
laptop computer equipo portátil
link enlace, vínculo
loop bucle
lurker mirón
lurking fisgoneo, mironeo
message headings encabezados de mensajes
modem módem
mouse ratón
mouse button botón del ratón
mouse padalfombrilla de ráton
netiquette etiqueta de la red, etiqueta de Internet
network red
newsgroupgrupo de noticias
newsgroup grupo de noticias
on-line auction subastas on-line
outbox bandeja de salida
outgoing messages mensajes salientes
password contraseña
preferences preferencias
public domaindominio publico
real time chatcharla en tiempo real
reply to all Responder a todos
rough copy borrador
run (execute) ejecutar
save guardar
search engine motor de búsqueda
secure server servidor seguro
secure web site sitio Web seguro
sent box (in email programme) elementos enviados
shopping cart carro de la compra
SPAM (unwanted messages) mensajes no deseados
stop (the stop button on the browser) detener
store almacenar
subject (of an email message) asunto
subscribe suscribirse
surf navegar
template plantilla
the clipboardPortapapeles
the internet internet (note that they use "el" before)
the internetinternet
the little padlock you see on secure web sites. icono de cerradura
the person a message is sent to destinatario
the place (where something is kept) la ubicación
to attach (to emails)adjuntar
to compose/write some text redactar
to go back regresar
to manage or look after. gestionar
toolbar barra de herramientas
trash, deleted items (in email programme)elementos eliminados
updated, update, an update actualizado, actualizar, una actualización
upload (verb)subir, cargar, copiar
user name nombre de usuario
web page página Web
web page address, urldirección de una página web, url
web site, site sitio web, sitio
word wrapretorno automático de la palabra
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